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So Sunday after church a bunch of us friends go out to lunch.  Well yesterday, after being here for almost a year, I was introduced to San Antonio Taco Co. Let me tell you if you like Tex Mex and want to go somewhere fast you’ve got to try it.

The down side for me when I find a new place to go eat I crave it for awhile.  This afternoon after I got my hair done I was just a few block over from SATCo and was going to drive right by it to head back to my empty refrigerator.  **I hate going grocery shopping**  So, I decided to pull in and pick me something to take home.  Yep, two days in a row and I think I could go for it again tomorrow.  I will try and hold myself back.

Tell me places you like to go eat…I might just have to go try them out as well.


I was talking to my mom last night and she was telling me about a phone call she got that broke my heart and brought back so many terrible memories.

A woman had called and said that Pam, my beautician before I moved, had given her my mother’s number and she should call and talk to her.  This woman has a 20 year old daughter that is attending the University of Kentucky that got sick in the middle of the school year and had to come home and take incompletes in her courses. She can’t think clearly which affects her from setting in class, studying, and even working.  This girl has gone to chiropractors, message therapists, and tones and tones of doctors.  Her final diagnosis is FIBROMYALGIA.  *My heart drops*

Where does she go from here?  She wants to finish school, she has an apartment in Lexington that she has to work to pay for, and her parents insurance says they will not carry her if she does not go to school. *terrible memories* Let me tell you I know how much she needs insurance. When you are taking over 20 pills a day and having doctors and hospital bills, you have to have insurance.


This girl’s mother called because Pam saw me go through the same things.  Pam saw so many similarities in my story in this girl’s. Many times Pam would help me from my old lady walker into the salon chair, listen to me mumble because it took all I had to just think of words more less vocalize them.  Pam saw me at my low points but she also got to see me looking and feeling like myself again, pain and drug free.

This mother, like any loving mother, wanted to know what she could do for her daughter.  She would go to the end of the earth to see her daughter well again. This daughter has goals to accomplish and dreams.  This mother wants to be able to see her daughter laugh with her friends again, see her walk across the stage to accept her diploma at the University of Kentucky, help plan for a wedding.

My mother told her how much our two stories were alike. Mom told her about the chiropractor that I went to and the home rehab that I do that turned things around.  I had people all over that were praying for me.  People that I have never meet committed to pray for my healing.  I know God lead me to this doctor and my savor is the great physician. I had a professor that said to me, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a picture of everyone that prayed for your healing.”  I know that will never happen though I try to imagine what that would look like.

**I ask that you will remember this girl and her family in your prayers.  I don’t know what type of spiritual life they have and what type of prayer support they have but I do know how much it meant to me and that God can answer prays even if you know the person or not***


Many of my goals and dreams for my life have changed.  A few months ago my pastor did a series called Plan B.  In this series God showed me that the past 8 years was part of his Plan A.  God knew before he created me that I would have FMS, that it would take me 7 years instead of the planned 4 years to walk across that stage at Campbellsville University to receive my diploma, that I would not be married by 24, and that I would have a testimony of healing.  Though I have shifted to my Plan B, my Plan A was never as great as the life I am living now.

I am a person that always wonders what if.  What if I didn’t get sick? What if I graduated in 4 years? Would I be living in Nashville?  Would I have the job I have now?  Would I be attending CrossPoint?  Would I have met all the great friends I have met?  As my niece would say, “Maybe yes, maybe no.” 

I might not be able to answer those questions but I know I can answer one question. I know that I am thankful for what I have gone through. 

I did not mean for this entry to be this long and I will try and keep most of my postings short.  

What is breaking your heart today?

What are some things that have changed your Plan A?

The other day after work I was in this….

Traffic jam




Usually I’m do not hit much traffic going to and from work.  My commute is usually 12 minutes max and I am blessed not to have to fight this nasty stuff everyday. 

When I first moved to Nashville I would get a high when in this mess.  Call me crazy, I know.  I’m from a small town and even went to college in a small town, the closest I ever gotten to this type of traffic before moving was when I would be leaving the parking lot of my high school of 1400 students.  The BIG city with the crazy traffic excited me. 

Though now, by the end of the day I don’t want to face traffic. All I want is to just get home and relax. 


How long is your daily commute?  What do you do to past the time?

This is actualle picture of my commute home today. 

I have finally decided to take the lep and start blogging. Please bear with me as I learn how this whole new world works.

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