Wow…didn’t mean to write two blogs in one day but I just got home from church and it blew me away.  I started talking in my last blog about how I started going to CrossPoint Community Church. Well here is how it goes.

I have been raised in church my entire life in church and never been a church hopper.  CrossPoint is only the third church I have ever been a member of.  When I was looking for a job in Nashville I wasn’t just praying for a job but I was praying God would lead me to a church he wanted me to be a part of. 

Last year this day I wasn’t just moving into my new home, God was working in my life.  I had two churches that stopped by my house to invite me to their church.  The unusual part was neither one actually knocked on my door.  Don’t know if it was the Uhal that made them not but it was evident that God was answering my prayers.

I stepped out of my house with my family to go grab a bit to eat and as I did I had a pamphlet from a local Jehovah Witness Church.  I thought it was kind of strange they didn’t knock and want to talk to me.  Never known of a Jehovah Witness that didn’t want to stop and talk.  Then when I get back from eating I have a door hanger from a church down the street that was fixing to start in 2 weeks a new series called Your Secret Life.  My mother looked at it and kept telling me I should go.

The first two Sunday’s in here I had already had plans but after that I was in search of a church.  I got on the Internet and goggled Nashville churches to see what I could find close by.  There was one church that wasn’t to far and I thought I would go check it out but once again my mom, who has a big influence on my life, suggested me to try out the church that left a door hanger.  That church was only a few blocks from my house, so I did.

I didn’t realize that the church that I was going to meet on the same campus as another church. Yeah, CrossPoint Community is at the same location as Park Avenue Baptist Church.  Park Ave. is on you left and CrossPoint is on your right.  Well anyways I just followed people in.  Once I go inside I picked a bulletin that was setting on the table and kept walking. Wined around for a while inside and out and finally found my set in the pews.  The auditorium looked pretty cool from the back row.  As I was waiting for the service to start I started looking at the bulletin that I picked up and noticed that it said Park Avenue Baptist Church.  Oh my, how did I ended up here, this was the address I had for CrossPoint Community.  Oh well…I’m already here and I would look kind of strange walking out.  “Maybe this is where God wants me to be”, I thought.

Also, before the service started, on the screen there was a message that said, “Text yes or no to XXXX if you are keeping a secret from anyone today.”  Wow, never seen a church use text messaging in a service.  I was raised in a Baptist church and this was more high tech than I ever imaged. The band got up and you could feel the Holy Spirit moving. Then someone got up and welcomed everyone to CROSSPOINT COMMUNITY CHURCH.  Wait a minute…this is where I wanted to go but I thought I was at Park Avenue. 

Once the pastor got up to speak I knew this was more then just a church.  This is a place where people could come and be real.  Pastor Pete told the church what he was struggling with. Not what he had struggled with in his past, but what he struggles with today.  He got up there in his jeans and T-shirt and let us know he was just like us in the pews, a sinner.

After I left I knew this is the church God wanted me to be a part of.  A church that loves anyone that walks in that door.  You can be covered with body art, piercings, Mohawks, be an Average Joe, clothes don’t matter and the people will still love you.

When I started a year ago, there was two services, a 9a.m. or 11a.m. service.  Today CrossPoint has 3 services at our Nashville location, 2 at the Dickson location, and they just announced that Nashville will start a 4th service in September and looking for a location for our 3rd campus starting in January.

Yes, this is a growing church but what gets me is CrossPoint doesn’t focus on the number of people in the service.  CrossPoint is a church that cares about people and wants to help them find a place to plug in.  This is the few churches that I know of that people actually go out during the week and talk about their experience and invite people to come.  When I go out with my friends it always seems like CrossPoint comes up in the conversation and people of Nashville knows CrossPoint as being a positive place.

I am so grateful to be a part of a community as CrossPoint.  If you are ever in the Nashville area I invite you to give CrossPoint a try. Starting in September you can experience CP Sundays at 8:30, 10:30, 11:45, or 6 at 4301 Charlotte Ave.

Tell me how you heard about the church you attend now.  What makes you love your church?