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Okay so some of you guys have been on me for not writing lately.  For that you get two post in one day.

As I was headed back to work after my lunch break I got to experience the wonderful drivers in Nashville. I was in the far left lane getting ready to change to the middle lane on I-65 with my blinker on when the truck on the far right side decided to just start moving into the middle lane without his blinks on.  As I didn’t want to hit him I swerved back into the left lane. Though the swerve ended up being a wobble, wobble, hit the median wall, do a 360, and land on the right hand shoulder without hitting any of the on coming traffic and no scratches on me (the car on the other hand not so lucky). 

This just really didn’t help the day I was having.  I set in the car waiting for my cousin to pick me up when realized that I was luck that it was just my car.  Looking back at the scuff marks I left on the median wall and replaying the event in my head I don’t see how I wasn’t jackknift or thrown over wall.  A day just like today was we when I had a friend in high school that was killed in an accident like this.

I set here today thankful that God speared my life and set and wonder what the reason is.   What does God have in store for my life to keep me alive for another moment?

Today’s question is: Have you ever been in a car accident and what happen?


Don’t know if you guys have heard but Dr Pepper had a bet with Greatful Dead.  Greatful Dead has been working on a new album for several years and Dr Pepper told them that if they released the album before 2009 they would give everyone in the United States a FREE 20 oz Dr Pepper.  Well the Album went on sale this past weekend and Dr Pepper lived up to their Promise.  There was such a huge demand yesterday that Dr Pepper’s website crashed and now they are extending the offer until 6 pm EST today. Go to the link or call the 800 number below and get your free Dr Pepper.

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