I’m slow at getting this blog out but I was away from a computer for a week.  Yes, I almost went crazy without being able to check on my blog status and read my blogging friends post. 

I have finally gotten caught up on my reading I believe now so I will let you  in on some of my Christmas happenings.  I didn’t get to many pictures this year as I enjoyed the family and forgot about taking pictures.  Guess that was a good thing.

Since I was 4 (the year after my Granddad past away) my mother’s family always took turns having our Christmas Eve at one of the sisters house’s and we always have a seafood Christmas.  Yes, our family doesn’t like having the traditional Christmas dinner. It is wonderful. This for 14 people we downed 10lb of shrimp and 20lb of crab legs and lots of appetizers. Mmm…We love our Seafood.  Next year this guy is going to add his lobsters to the mix.  Can’t wait.

100_07114     100_0713

Then another tradition we started was a little Christmas program.  There were always 4 kids including my cousins, my brother, and myself. We were expected every year to put on some type of show and include games.  The 4 of us finally out grew that era when we were we got to high school even though it broke our grandmother’s heart.  This year we would have made her proud, we welcomed back the Christmas games and a little program.  My niece rocked the song Jingle Bell Rock.


Not part of tradition but I have to include this story.  My aunt is terrified by the Burger King man.  My brother found perfect Christmas gift for her this year.  It didn’t cost him a penny…well okay he did have to buy a kids meal but one of  his kids enjoyed the hamburger.  Here is what she got and her reaction when she opened the box, notice she is bearly holding onto it.

100_07282  100_07274

Last but not least something my grandmother started and now my mother does it for my Brother and I.  This is the part on Christmas Day that my brother, sister-in-law, and I can’t wait for every Christmas.  We start dropping hint early on in the year. It is our commodity bags.  This bag has necessities of life that we need.  We never know what we will find in them, but we do know my brother family will always get underwear, panties, and socks, and both bags always has toilte paper.  Here are some pictures of us as we go through our bags.

   100_07361   100_07381     100_07431

100_0753  100_07451   100_07471

So what are some of your Christmas Traditions that your family has?  Ones you like and don’t like? Ones that you just set and wonder why on earth do we do this?