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A few months ago, my cousin entered her husband, Kermit, in Redbook’s “Hottest Husbands” contest. 
Last week they received a call saying he made the finals!  It’s been narrowed down to the top 25 and they are selecting the winner from online votes. Please go here and vote for Kermit A.


Here is the artical:

35 years old

Nashville, TN

CEO of PowerCard, a restaurant marketing company

Married 2 years

The business trip that bought Kermit to Nashville four years ago quickly turned into one for pleasure when he met his future wife, Lindsay. “Kermit happened to visit his uncle’s lake house when he was in town,” remembers Lindsay, 28. “My friends have a boat on the same lake, and we actually tied our boats together and started talking.” The two exchanged business cards and discussed their life and career goals: “That first conversation really stuck out to me. I sensed Kermit’s ambition and could tell that he was really grounded for his age. I found that really sexy.” But Lindsay learned that this businessman also had a soft side. “Kermit has a beautiful heart, and he treats everyone with respect,” she says. “He always opens the door for me, he takes care of his aging mother, and he’s even taken my parents on vacation.” Perhaps his most romantic gesture was throwing her a surprise wedding. “Planning for the big day really stressed me out,” Lindsay says. “One weekend, Kermit suggested we go to Florida. When we woke up in the hotel the next morning, my wedding dress was laid out on the bed, and we were married that day on the beach. It was just the two of us, and I’ll never forget walking in the sand and seeing Kermit standing barefoot in his suit. It was perfect.” He’s been her dream man ever since. “I’m his missing component, and he is mine,” Lindsay says. “I’m spastic, and he’s calm. I’m rash, and he thinks through decisions. We fit together like a puzzle.”

Please go vote for Kermit if your husband didn’t make the list this time. Maybe next year! 🙂


Since I’ve been going to CrossPoint I have been involved in several small groups and last fall I began leading.  The Devil really discouraged me and I had made up my mind that I would take a break this winter from teaching.  But God kept telling me I really need to lead a group this time around. Finally, I said I wasn’t going to let my discouragement let me down and I would lead again this winter. 

I have to say God knew what He was doing to have me open my home up to some amazing women of CrossPoint.  Yesterday, God reminded me through Blake how

important community is.  He preached on the second part of our mission statement, Irrevocably Committed to One Another.  In the past when I needed support I always knew I could count on my community group/women’s Bible study class/Sunday School to be by my side.

After the message God laid on my heart to call a lady that signed up for my small group but hasn’t been able to make it out. She is 9 months pregnant and having her first child as a single mother. I finally slowed down last night around 8 I gave her a call to see how she was doing.  When she answered she said she was so happy that I called.  She had been having contractions all day and hadn’t got out of bed.  We talked for awhile, and I tried to giver her encouragement from one woman that has never been through this to one that is scared to death.  She promised that she would keep me posted, so now I wait by my phone to hear that she is either on her way to deliver or is a mother to a beautiful baby girl.  We joked that we might have to move our small group to the maternity ward tomorrow night.

I have already seen through this group in just the past 3 weeks the following…




“Carry each other’s burdens…” Galatians 6:2

  • “Encourage one another and build each other up…” Thessalonians 5:11
  • “Be[ing] completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.  Be kind and compassionate to one another – forgiving each other…” Ephesians 4:2,32

I believe this is true community. God has done some amazing things in this group.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for the next 6 weeks of our study and beyond.

How have community groups/small Bible studies affected or changed your life?

Well, it looks like there will be little chance that Nashville will be hit with a big snow storm for 2008-2009 winter but I thought I would let you in on a little fact about snow. 

An inch of rain was is equivalent to 15 inches of dry, powdery snow.

Wow…I guess I just need to be thankful that I live down South and all the precipitation that we receive fall as rain not snow.  Sorry all you northern folks.

What do you like the 15 inches of snow or the 1 inch of rain?

I’m setting here with my make up all done ready to go out for the night and catching up on reading blogs.  I just came a cross a blog I read often from a wonderful woman and great Christian mother that I can only hope to be half as great one day. 

I got to this entry and now my makeup is going to have to be redone but it is well worth it.

Back in 2003 God called me into Children’s/Family Ministry and throughout the years I have either taught Sunday School or a Children’s Minister.  I currently teach 3-5 year old at Cross Point.  I love seeing these kids every Sunday but I have to admit at times I wonder if they really gather what I’m teaching or they just enjoy spending time playing with their classmates.  Lately, I have been contemplating on taking a break for awhile but after reading this blog I have gotten a new boost of energy to teach until this guy gives his teachers a summer to recharge.

I love teaching and I stress to my class that; God loves them, He will always  protect them, and that He is with them everywhere they go.

Quote from this woman’s blog…

“Wait Mommy, we have REALLY got to get brave about this”……[Mommy]asked, “but how do we get brave?”…. “God, (mommy), God is with us everywhere!”

I love this!  This is beautiful. My kids are getting what I’m teaching.  I can’t wait to see and hear what God has plan for every child I have had the opportunity to minister to. 

Now I’m off to write Thank You notes to some great teachers I have had in my past.

I’ve been thinking alot today about my love for ragged bridges in the woods.  Bridges always been significant through out my childhood and as I have grown older.  I don’t know what it is about them that I love.   

What childhood memories have you been think about lately?

Yes, Monday Fun Facts are back.  Sorry I have let some of you down.  Life here as been a little crazy and just haven’t found the time to blog.

As Valintines is upon us, I know it is Single’s Awareness Day (SAD) for many of us, I thought I would give you guys some random facts about Chocolate.  One of the most popular gifts that any woman love. Single or not!

1). The Mayans and Aztecs believed that the Cocoa Beans originated from Paradise and would bring wisdom and power to anyone consuming them.

2). Emperor Montezuma of Mexico partook a Chocolate drink before entering his harem. This gave rise to the notion of Chocolate having aphrodisiac properties. The Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova was another fellow who subscribed to this notion. There is some truth to the idea though, since Chocolate contains hundreds of chemicals including the feel-good stimulants – Caffeine, Theobromine, and Phenyethylamine.

3). Even though Chocolate is high in fat, it does not appear to raise blood cholesterol.

4). Chocolate is a great economy booster. Annual world consumption of cocoa beans averages approximately 600,000 tons per year. Consumers worldwide spend more than $20 billion a year on Chocolate.

5). Chocolate was such as a prestigious luxury that the French Ruler, Louis XIV, also known as the “Sun King”, established a court position entitled Royal Chocolate Maker to the King.

6). In 1907, the iconic Milk Chocolate Hershey’s Kisses were introduced. They are one of the most successful chocolates and Hershey produces approximately 20-25 million per day in a variety of flavors.

7). Chocolate has long been heralded for its value as an energy source. Think of it this way: a single chocolate chip provides sufficient food energy for an adult to walk 150 feet; hence, it would take about 35 chocolate chips to go a mile, or 875,000 for an around-the-world hike.

8). The smell of chocolate may increase theta brain waves, resulting in relaxation.

9). Chocolate increases antioxidant levels in the blood while the flavanoids in chocolate may help keep blood vessels elastic.

10). Placebo-controlled trials suggest chocolate consumption may subtly enhance cognitive performance. As reported by Dr Bryan Raudenbush (2006), scores for verbal and visual memory are raised by eating chocolate. Impulse-control and reaction-time are also improved.

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