I’m setting here with my make up all done ready to go out for the night and catching up on reading blogs.  I just came a cross a blog I read often from a wonderful woman and great Christian mother that I can only hope to be half as great one day. 

I got to this entry and now my makeup is going to have to be redone but it is well worth it.

Back in 2003 God called me into Children’s/Family Ministry and throughout the years I have either taught Sunday School or a Children’s Minister.  I currently teach 3-5 year old at Cross Point.  I love seeing these kids every Sunday but I have to admit at times I wonder if they really gather what I’m teaching or they just enjoy spending time playing with their classmates.  Lately, I have been contemplating on taking a break for awhile but after reading this blog I have gotten a new boost of energy to teach until this guy gives his teachers a summer to recharge.

I love teaching and I stress to my class that; God loves them, He will always  protect them, and that He is with them everywhere they go.

Quote from this woman’s blog…

“Wait Mommy, we have REALLY got to get brave about this”……[Mommy]asked, “but how do we get brave?”…. “God, (mommy), God is with us everywhere!”

I love this!  This is beautiful. My kids are getting what I’m teaching.  I can’t wait to see and hear what God has plan for every child I have had the opportunity to minister to. 

Now I’m off to write Thank You notes to some great teachers I have had in my past.