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So in just 5 more days there will be over 35,000 people that will be crossing over Country Music Marathon Finish line.  As I will be one of the ones doing the 1/2 marathon that day for the 1st time I wanted to find out some interesting facts about Marathons.

The median times for U.S. marathoners in 2007 were 4:20 for men and 4:49 for women. In 1980, they were 3:32 and 4:03. The sport hasn’t become less competitive; it’s become more inclusive. In 1980, there were fewer charity runners, walk-run participants, and joggers. Runners of all ability levels are welcome at marathons today. And without a doubt, the sport as a whole is better for it.

ALL body types cross the finish line. You see absolutely EVERYTHING. The trend is now to do a marathon and just finish it (and this is the mind set I have as I line up Saturday and the Start line). That is the goal of the majority of the people running which is fantastic!

Here are some facts about a Full Marathon (26.2 miles)

  • It is the same distance as running the length of a football field 460 times.
  • A phrase that is used often between marathon runners, “Hitting the wall” which usually happens around the 20 mile mark.
  • A runner will burn an average of 2600 calories during a marathon which equals; 4 Big Macs, 9 Chocolate filled creamed donuts, 1 large pizza with the works, or 26 bananas.  Which one of these will you be eating while I’m running? Don’t worry, I’ll be having pizza with my other running friends once I finish but I guess I can only eat a half of a pizza since I’m only doing a half.

Okay so I don’t usually get alot of traffic to my blog and it really doens’t bother me. Since I started blogging little less than a year ago this has been a way for me to express how I feel and share with people in my life that I don’t get to see everyday what is going on.

Well today I stopped my my stats and noticed that the past two days I have had alot of peole stop by. And the search engine terms they used to find my blog “blows me out of the water” (there might be a little pun intended).

Take a look…

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
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Search Views
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Is there something going on in the news the past 2 days about whales? Today I have 96 hits to my blog and 89 of them have to do with whales.

Thanks everyone that visited. Hope you enjoy and will stop by again.

It is that time again!


Jes, Dinger, Rachel (non-blogger friend), and myself are taking off today to spend a much needed 5 day vacation at the beach. We have made this a semi-annual trip and is always a blast just hanging out with these guys.




This time we have a full agenda planned with Beach Olympic planned event. The Olympic games will be including, Karaoke, Dance Off, Sand Castle Building, Kite Flying, Track Ball Bowling, T-Shirt Designing and Card Games. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of days for Olympic updates.


Stop by here throughout the week also as you will be able to vote for the winner of some of these Olympic games.

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