Okay so I don’t usually get alot of traffic to my blog and it really doens’t bother me. Since I started blogging little less than a year ago this has been a way for me to express how I feel and share with people in my life that I don’t get to see everyday what is going on.

Well today I stopped my my stats and noticed that the past two days I have had alot of peole stop by. And the search engine terms they used to find my blog “blows me out of the water” (there might be a little pun intended).

Take a look…

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
whale 54 More stats
killer whale 24 More stats
killer whales 3 More stats
whale pictures 3 More stats
whale photos 2 More stats
whale pics 1 More stats
elmers glue 1 More stats
whale picture 1 More stats
whale photo 1 More stats


Search Views
whale 17 More stats
killer whale 15 More stats
killer whales 3 More stats
pictures of killer whale 3 More stats
whale photo 2 More stats
picture of whale 1 More stats
fire pit 1 More stats


Is there something going on in the news the past 2 days about whales? Today I have 96 hits to my blog and 89 of them have to do with whales.

Thanks everyone that visited. Hope you enjoy and will stop by again.