It is time for me to be honest…confession time. I love opening my mailbox full of free samples. Yes, free samples! I have stumbled upon some websites that tells you where you can go to receive free samples. This has been a great discovery.  Here are just a few items I received in the mail this week due to filling out a few short forms on the internet and waiting patiently for items to appear in my mailbox. 


Hint to anyone that fills out the forms…Creat a  email address that you only use when filling out forms. This keeps your regular inbox filling up with more junk mail than you alread  get.

Here are some of the sites I really like…

Choyster Cash

Free Sample Freak

Budget Saving Mom

Deals Seeking Mom

And this woman just introduced me to Faithful Provisions

So what are you addicted to? Have any money saving/free sample blog sites you like?