Hello, my name is Karen Bell. I’m 26 years old and moved to Nashville, TN from a small West KY town in August 2007.  I love life and continually learning who I am and where I want to go.   Here I will share with you my friends, family, life lessons, struggles, and what makes me who I am. 

Some ask where my blog name comes from.  Well here you go…my name comes from “fallen from grace.” God is a very important part in my life as you will see in my blogs and as christains we have all fallen from grace and we are to lean on God for guidance.  Most of my blogs are things that God is revealing to me and areas where he is working in my life.

Fallen Girl is a consteint remind to me that God is my stregth. He has saved me and will never let me go.  It is by GRACE.