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July 30, 2001 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which had and would continue to change the rest of my life. For 6 months before hand I had sever pain throughout my body, unable to walk on my own, and had seen numerous doctors that didn’t know what was wrong.

 Fibromyalgia, like many other chronic pain disorders can wreak havoc on and individual’s life. On the hot July morning all I remember was that was the end of my life. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that once you have it you will have to learn to live with it for the rest of you life. Those words still haunt me to this day “the rest of my life.” The more I read about what I would face in the coming months and years scared me. I got to the point as I had no energy or strength to set up in bed, more less move one muscle to get out, think why does God still have for me in this life on earth.

Days got dark and lonely as I began to lose touch with friends. Their life kept going and they began to graduate and start families. My life stood still and I didn’t know what shape I would be in the following day.

 I read an article just the other day that said one of the overlooked causes of this chronic condition is dysfunction in the nervous system. With this being said some of the symptoms are: Episodes of depression/anxiety, difficulty  scanning pages while reading -check, Difficulty adding or subtracting, difficulty expressing what you want to say – check – at times, difficulty understanding what others say to you – check, loss of short or long term memory, loss of sensation (numbness) – check, use to but not much any more, changes in handwriting – check, more irritable or angry, problems with balance – check, tripping or dropping things – CHECK (At this point I began to cry. Hint- Fallen Girl), and the list continues.

 God has healed my body, though there are still little things I do that I hold my breath because I know that it isn’t the normal Karen 9 years ago. I might laugh it off around people but deep down I start seeing it being the beginning of a horrible roller coaster ride all over again. I have to have faith that God has a plan and there is a reason he brought me through this and I am on the other side and trust he healed me for a reason.

 While I was participating in the Country Music ½ Marathon a couple a weeks ago every step on the course I was reminded that God was with me. I kept seeing images of me in a wheelchair just 5 years ago and in hospital beds not being able to move. It was my Great Physician that allowed me to finish the ½ Marathon strong and He was with me every step.

Running     Marathon

I thank my Lord for all he has brought me through and where he will lead me. My prayer today, on this Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, has been for this story and all the others who are suffering with FMS.



So in just 5 more days there will be over 35,000 people that will be crossing over Country Music Marathon Finish line.  As I will be one of the ones doing the 1/2 marathon that day for the 1st time I wanted to find out some interesting facts about Marathons.

The median times for U.S. marathoners in 2007 were 4:20 for men and 4:49 for women. In 1980, they were 3:32 and 4:03. The sport hasn’t become less competitive; it’s become more inclusive. In 1980, there were fewer charity runners, walk-run participants, and joggers. Runners of all ability levels are welcome at marathons today. And without a doubt, the sport as a whole is better for it.

ALL body types cross the finish line. You see absolutely EVERYTHING. The trend is now to do a marathon and just finish it (and this is the mind set I have as I line up Saturday and the Start line). That is the goal of the majority of the people running which is fantastic!

Here are some facts about a Full Marathon (26.2 miles)

  • It is the same distance as running the length of a football field 460 times.
  • A phrase that is used often between marathon runners, “Hitting the wall” which usually happens around the 20 mile mark.
  • A runner will burn an average of 2600 calories during a marathon which equals; 4 Big Macs, 9 Chocolate filled creamed donuts, 1 large pizza with the works, or 26 bananas.  Which one of these will you be eating while I’m running? Don’t worry, I’ll be having pizza with my other running friends once I finish but I guess I can only eat a half of a pizza since I’m only doing a half.

What better way to start the week of by learning a little fact about your office desk…

The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.

Well, I know what I’m doing first thing this morning when I get to the office.


Happy Monday!!! 🙂

If your office is like Rachel’s or mine you are freezing every minute you are at work.  This is such a large problem throughout offices that back in 2004 Cornell University did a research on how the office temperature affected productivity and accuracy. Read the findings here.

If the research finding doesn’t change your office manager’s mind on keeping the temperature set at -45 degrees Fahrenheit then this is the next option.


These are not just ordinary mittens.  They are USB heated mittens


No need to complain your fingers being too cold to type.  Let’s just hope the IT departments don’t start banding them.  You can buy them for $24.99 at


Any other suggestions on solving temperature problem in the office?  I take all suggestions.

The new session of The Biggest Losser started tonight and I have decided to kick some butt while it is on.  I’m Challenging my self to at least lose 30lb this session.  One thing is missing though…I don’t have a Bob or Jillian.  Here is my challenge, who is going to step up to the plate and be my Bob and Julian?  I need some that will push me when I don’t want to be pushed any more. Someone that will make me mad but at the end I will still love.  Someone that when I wake up in the morning I’m sore. 

So, which one of my  readers will take the challenge?

I decided back in April during the Music City Marathon that next year I would join my friends in the 1/2.  For all you that don’t know, that is 13.1 miles.  I’m not a runner by no means so this is a big goal of mine to get in shape to complete the 1/2.   I have been working at it off and on but I can’t get to far before I have to take a break.

Today on the way home it was really nice outside and not to hot so I decided that I would get out there and see how far I could go today. So I get out there and as I begin to start jogging it begins to sprinkle.  As I begin to start running the sky opens up and it pours.  Lets be honest here, it is hard enough to run just my weight alone but add soaking wet clothes, tennis shoes, and my, now, afro my legs could barely make it back to the house. 

As I was taking off my wet clothes I did notice one strange thing, everything I had on was dripping wet except the back of my shirt.  Now I know I don’t have proper running form quite yet but I do know that I don’t run leaning that far back. 

I know I have some runners that read my blog so I’m here today to ask a few questions.  Please help me out.

How do you run in the rain?

What are some of your types on training for a 1/2 or full marathon? 

Ok, so, I have been harassed by many of my blogging followers lately.  I have had a lot of things going on lately and just haven’t had time to set back and write you guys.

There is a war going on between bloggers and that war is happening inside the gym at CrossPoint.  My OCD buddy has been blogging about our class a few times and post pictures.  Well she likes to link some chick that I don’t know to my blog.  Now everyone thinks it is me.  Come on.  You guys know I only go to fitness class with my oh so cute Nike outfits and every hair in place.  Just because she has a flip she thinks she is hot stuff (yes, Amy, I chose my words carefully).

Well, I hired a paparazzi tonight. 

So lets see what she got for me.




Do What!!!

Do What!!!

Faithful Fitness Coach

Faithful Fitness Coach

If you haven’t joined CP Fitness you should give it a  try.  Jeff gives everyone a great work out and you will feel the burn later.  Oh, by the way it is FREE.  Boot Camp, that is free,  why not give it a try?

I was talking to my mom last night and she was telling me about a phone call she got that broke my heart and brought back so many terrible memories.

A woman had called and said that Pam, my beautician before I moved, had given her my mother’s number and she should call and talk to her.  This woman has a 20 year old daughter that is attending the University of Kentucky that got sick in the middle of the school year and had to come home and take incompletes in her courses. She can’t think clearly which affects her from setting in class, studying, and even working.  This girl has gone to chiropractors, message therapists, and tones and tones of doctors.  Her final diagnosis is FIBROMYALGIA.  *My heart drops*

Where does she go from here?  She wants to finish school, she has an apartment in Lexington that she has to work to pay for, and her parents insurance says they will not carry her if she does not go to school. *terrible memories* Let me tell you I know how much she needs insurance. When you are taking over 20 pills a day and having doctors and hospital bills, you have to have insurance.


This girl’s mother called because Pam saw me go through the same things.  Pam saw so many similarities in my story in this girl’s. Many times Pam would help me from my old lady walker into the salon chair, listen to me mumble because it took all I had to just think of words more less vocalize them.  Pam saw me at my low points but she also got to see me looking and feeling like myself again, pain and drug free.

This mother, like any loving mother, wanted to know what she could do for her daughter.  She would go to the end of the earth to see her daughter well again. This daughter has goals to accomplish and dreams.  This mother wants to be able to see her daughter laugh with her friends again, see her walk across the stage to accept her diploma at the University of Kentucky, help plan for a wedding.

My mother told her how much our two stories were alike. Mom told her about the chiropractor that I went to and the home rehab that I do that turned things around.  I had people all over that were praying for me.  People that I have never meet committed to pray for my healing.  I know God lead me to this doctor and my savor is the great physician. I had a professor that said to me, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a picture of everyone that prayed for your healing.”  I know that will never happen though I try to imagine what that would look like.

**I ask that you will remember this girl and her family in your prayers.  I don’t know what type of spiritual life they have and what type of prayer support they have but I do know how much it meant to me and that God can answer prays even if you know the person or not***


Many of my goals and dreams for my life have changed.  A few months ago my pastor did a series called Plan B.  In this series God showed me that the past 8 years was part of his Plan A.  God knew before he created me that I would have FMS, that it would take me 7 years instead of the planned 4 years to walk across that stage at Campbellsville University to receive my diploma, that I would not be married by 24, and that I would have a testimony of healing.  Though I have shifted to my Plan B, my Plan A was never as great as the life I am living now.

I am a person that always wonders what if.  What if I didn’t get sick? What if I graduated in 4 years? Would I be living in Nashville?  Would I have the job I have now?  Would I be attending CrossPoint?  Would I have met all the great friends I have met?  As my niece would say, “Maybe yes, maybe no.” 

I might not be able to answer those questions but I know I can answer one question. I know that I am thankful for what I have gone through. 

I did not mean for this entry to be this long and I will try and keep most of my postings short.  

What is breaking your heart today?

What are some things that have changed your Plan A?

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