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Today has always been a special day for me. Yes, I know it is July 4th, the day that everyone in the United States celebrates our countries independence, and who doesn’t like to watch a good firework show. But today holds another special moment that can’t go unnoticed.

41years go at a Dairy Queen in a small town in Kentucky two wonderful people crossed paths. One was looking at moving to the big city and another was a good ol’ country boy. They never dreamed of that July 4, 1968 to change their lives. There were many phone calls made from the telephone booth so parents, siblings, and nieces wouldn’t know who they were talking to, awkward moments meeting parents, and some wonderful memories made July 4, 1968 through June 7, 1969. 

If you haven’t figured this out yet who I’m talking about, these two wonderful people are my parents. I can’t go this 4th without saying how much it means to me that God placed them in the right places at the right time in both of their lives. Just last month they celebrated their 40th anniversary These past 41 years together have had speed bumps from death a child, passing of both sets of parents, and so many more.

Though, thru these tough times they have taught me what marriage means. They both gave 100% to each other and leaned on God to pull them through all their trails. Many couples would have given up once they hit just one of these speed bumps and would have never tried to face another one together. I am so thankful for what they have taught me and pray I can be a wonderful spouse one day.

June 7   

As a single woman I wonder if I’m every going to meet my prince charming and where I will meet him. Will it be some romantic place that I can tell my kids how I looked across the candle light room and locked eyes with their dad? Or will I have a story like my parents where I was hot and sweaty one day and just went inside a restaurant to get something cool and refreshing? Sometimes I ponder on this too much but God reminds me that He is in control. I don’t need to worry about all the details but to just trust him.  God is preparing both of our heart so that when we are both ready we will be able to live happily (with speed bumps) on this earth together until God sees it is time to call us both home.

I can’t set here today and say I don’t wish God would hurry up any. I enjoy at times being single but I so long for the day to come home from a long hard day at work and cook a dinner for my husband, the day were we can set on the couch and not say a word to each other but just enjoy the moment, even running around busy with our heads cut off to make sure all the kids get to there practices. I do long for them times. God knows the desires of my heart and I have to rest assure that He will fulfill his promise.

If you are married how do did you meet your spouse? 

Anyone have advice on how to keep a marriage together and alive?

June 2018
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