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It is time for me to be honest…confession time. I love opening my mailbox full of free samples. Yes, free samples! I have stumbled upon some websites that tells you where you can go to receive free samples. This has been a great discovery.  Here are just a few items I received in the mail this week due to filling out a few short forms on the internet and waiting patiently for items to appear in my mailbox. 


Hint to anyone that fills out the forms…Creat a  email address that you only use when filling out forms. This keeps your regular inbox filling up with more junk mail than you alread  get.

Here are some of the sites I really like…

Choyster Cash

Free Sample Freak

Budget Saving Mom

Deals Seeking Mom

And this woman just introduced me to Faithful Provisions

So what are you addicted to? Have any money saving/free sample blog sites you like?



I just realized I just missed Fallen Girl’s 1st Birthday. Her birthday was July 21st.  I am just a few days behind. I can’t tell you guys how much I have enjoyed this experience with everyone that has stopped by. I fail at time at writing but when I actually set down and write what is on my heart it feels so good.

Alot of things are changing right now for me and I’m trying to lean on God for guidance and understanding. I will try and keep you guys posted as much as I can though I ask that you pray for me.

July 30, 2001 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which had and would continue to change the rest of my life. For 6 months before hand I had sever pain throughout my body, unable to walk on my own, and had seen numerous doctors that didn’t know what was wrong.

 Fibromyalgia, like many other chronic pain disorders can wreak havoc on and individual’s life. On the hot July morning all I remember was that was the end of my life. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that once you have it you will have to learn to live with it for the rest of you life. Those words still haunt me to this day “the rest of my life.” The more I read about what I would face in the coming months and years scared me. I got to the point as I had no energy or strength to set up in bed, more less move one muscle to get out, think why does God still have for me in this life on earth.

Days got dark and lonely as I began to lose touch with friends. Their life kept going and they began to graduate and start families. My life stood still and I didn’t know what shape I would be in the following day.

 I read an article just the other day that said one of the overlooked causes of this chronic condition is dysfunction in the nervous system. With this being said some of the symptoms are: Episodes of depression/anxiety, difficulty  scanning pages while reading -check, Difficulty adding or subtracting, difficulty expressing what you want to say – check – at times, difficulty understanding what others say to you – check, loss of short or long term memory, loss of sensation (numbness) – check, use to but not much any more, changes in handwriting – check, more irritable or angry, problems with balance – check, tripping or dropping things – CHECK (At this point I began to cry. Hint- Fallen Girl), and the list continues.

 God has healed my body, though there are still little things I do that I hold my breath because I know that it isn’t the normal Karen 9 years ago. I might laugh it off around people but deep down I start seeing it being the beginning of a horrible roller coaster ride all over again. I have to have faith that God has a plan and there is a reason he brought me through this and I am on the other side and trust he healed me for a reason.

 While I was participating in the Country Music ½ Marathon a couple a weeks ago every step on the course I was reminded that God was with me. I kept seeing images of me in a wheelchair just 5 years ago and in hospital beds not being able to move. It was my Great Physician that allowed me to finish the ½ Marathon strong and He was with me every step.

Running     Marathon

I thank my Lord for all he has brought me through and where he will lead me. My prayer today, on this Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, has been for this story and all the others who are suffering with FMS.


So in just 5 more days there will be over 35,000 people that will be crossing over Country Music Marathon Finish line.  As I will be one of the ones doing the 1/2 marathon that day for the 1st time I wanted to find out some interesting facts about Marathons.

The median times for U.S. marathoners in 2007 were 4:20 for men and 4:49 for women. In 1980, they were 3:32 and 4:03. The sport hasn’t become less competitive; it’s become more inclusive. In 1980, there were fewer charity runners, walk-run participants, and joggers. Runners of all ability levels are welcome at marathons today. And without a doubt, the sport as a whole is better for it.

ALL body types cross the finish line. You see absolutely EVERYTHING. The trend is now to do a marathon and just finish it (and this is the mind set I have as I line up Saturday and the Start line). That is the goal of the majority of the people running which is fantastic!

Here are some facts about a Full Marathon (26.2 miles)

  • It is the same distance as running the length of a football field 460 times.
  • A phrase that is used often between marathon runners, “Hitting the wall” which usually happens around the 20 mile mark.
  • A runner will burn an average of 2600 calories during a marathon which equals; 4 Big Macs, 9 Chocolate filled creamed donuts, 1 large pizza with the works, or 26 bananas.  Which one of these will you be eating while I’m running? Don’t worry, I’ll be having pizza with my other running friends once I finish but I guess I can only eat a half of a pizza since I’m only doing a half.

Okay so I don’t usually get alot of traffic to my blog and it really doens’t bother me. Since I started blogging little less than a year ago this has been a way for me to express how I feel and share with people in my life that I don’t get to see everyday what is going on.

Well today I stopped my my stats and noticed that the past two days I have had alot of peole stop by. And the search engine terms they used to find my blog “blows me out of the water” (there might be a little pun intended).

Take a look…

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
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Search Views
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Is there something going on in the news the past 2 days about whales? Today I have 96 hits to my blog and 89 of them have to do with whales.

Thanks everyone that visited. Hope you enjoy and will stop by again.

It is that time again!


Jes, Dinger, Rachel (non-blogger friend), and myself are taking off today to spend a much needed 5 day vacation at the beach. We have made this a semi-annual trip and is always a blast just hanging out with these guys.




This time we have a full agenda planned with Beach Olympic planned event. The Olympic games will be including, Karaoke, Dance Off, Sand Castle Building, Kite Flying, Track Ball Bowling, T-Shirt Designing and Card Games. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of days for Olympic updates.


Stop by here throughout the week also as you will be able to vote for the winner of some of these Olympic games.

Some friends and I are leaving for the beach Wednesday.  As the beach has been on my mind alot late (okay really since October after we came back), I thought I would let you in on a little law in Tennessee that seems a little odd to me since a larger body of salt water is at least an 8 hour drive from Nashville.

Tennessee State Law: “You can’t shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile.”

I haven’t seen one of these in the TN wild life in a long time. Nashville doesn’t even have one in captivity.


No longer do us women have to work them kegel muscles in nasty restrooms. With the invition of GoGirl the statement that women can do what men do has become a little closer to being true.

Women watch this video and let me know if you would actually buy a GoGirl.

Practice a time or two and it will become second nature? I don’t know if would ever become second nature for me or not.

“But the Lord is in his holy Temple. Let all the earth be silent before him.” Habakkuk 2:20

Today during Backseat Jesus  Pastor Pete spoke about “Whatever we immerse our minds in is what our minds will be full of.”  Day to Day we are feeled with the noise of this world and wonder why we don’t hear God speaking.

What is God saying to Me?

Is God really even saying anything at all?

If so, why can’t I hear him?

It is time for me to move My God that I gave my life to over 18years ago out of the child’s booster seat in the backseat of my car called life up to the front drives seat. Time for me to allow God to have full control of my life and to lead me wherever he wants me to go.  I might even let God drive without his seatbelt on. 😉

I get so wrapped up in the day to day life that I don’t spend time with what should be the most important part of my life.  Yes, I said should be, and I say that with shame. I’ve always heard that we give our time to what matters most to us, and I fully believe that.  I shamefully admit I don’t spend as much quality time with God as I should. I put him on the back burn so many time and then wonder where He is.  It is times for me to put God in front of me.  No longer behind me or beside me, but in front of me.

At the beginning of the year I told myself that I wouldn’t spend time with my friends until I first spent time with my best friend that day.  I wouldn’t hangout with them until I had spent quality time with God.  I come here today and admit I have failed. I have not spent that quality time with him and I miss it.

Starting today I’m holding myself to this once again. God is important in my life and I long to have a deep and intimate relationship with him. I long to hear is voice throughout the day.

Currently my ears are like most of these people in this video during rush hour while the greatest musician, Joshua Bell, is give D.C. Metro stop a free concert.

I want to be the lady at the end of the video. At the end of my life I want to be able to walk up to Jesus and thank him. Thank him for the wonderful concert he has given me here on earth.

So I have a few questions for you…

While watching the video did you watch it completely without doing anything else and did you catch what the lady said at the end? It is okay if you didn’t.  I lots of time doing alot of different things while I’m flipping through all of your blogs. 🙂

What is your time with God like?

What have you found that helps you find that time?

I just arrived back from a short trip to Kentucky. This was the first trip back to my home town since the ice storm in January.  Family survived it all and is doing much better.

When I got off the interstate I just started crying. The town that I was raised in looked like a war zone. No one could have ever prepared me for what I saw. It has been over a month and a half and to me it looked no one had done anything.

Here are some pictures I captured today before I left.





All of this makes great firewood for fire pits.

Jes has a created a great little fire pit for all her friends to gather around and enjoy on Friday and Saturday nights.


So I decided to do what any good friend would do…load my trunk up with free firewood.


This should last us awhile.

What are something you are looking forward to with warm weather knocking at the door?

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