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What better way to start the week of by learning a little fact about your office desk…

The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet.

Well, I know what I’m doing first thing this morning when I get to the office.


Happy Monday!!! ūüôā


If your office is like Rachel’s or mine you are freezing every minute you are at work.¬† This is such a large problem throughout offices that back in 2004 Cornell University did a research on how the office temperature affected productivity and accuracy. Read the findings here.

If the research finding doesn’t change your office manager’s mind on keeping the temperature set at -45 degrees Fahrenheit then this is the next option.


These are not just ordinary mittens.  They are USB heated mittens


No need to complain your fingers being too cold to type.¬† Let’s just hope the IT departments don’t start banding them.¬† You can buy them for $24.99 at


Any other suggestions on solving temperature problem in the office?  I take all suggestions.

Okay so some of you guys have been on me for not writing lately.  For that you get two post in one day.

As I was headed back to work after my lunch break I got to experience the wonderful drivers in Nashville. I was in the far left lane getting ready to change to the middle lane on I-65 with my blinker on when the truck on the far right side decided to just start moving into the middle lane without his blinks on.¬† As I didn’t want to hit him I swerved back into the left lane. Though the swerve ended up being a wobble, wobble, hit the median wall, do a 360, and land on the right hand shoulder without hitting any of the on coming traffic and no scratches on me (the car on the other hand not so lucky).¬†

This just really didn’t help the day I was having.¬† I set in the car waiting for my cousin to pick me up when realized that I was luck that it was just my car.¬† Looking back at the scuff marks I left on the median wall and replaying the event in my head I don’t see how I wasn’t jackknift or thrown over wall.¬† A day just like today was we when I had a friend in high school that was killed in an accident like this.

I set here today thankful that God speared my life and set and wonder what the reason is.   What does God have in store for my life to keep me alive for another moment?

Today’s question is: Have you ever been in a car accident and what happen?

***Great video at the end***

That is right, everyone is talking about the gas these days. And if you live in the Nashville area you know it isn’t just the price of gas but the so called “shortage.” There really wasn’t a shortage in the area but everyone started think they needed to fill up (top off) their gas tanks just in case there was a shortage. This thought caused people to people to become greedy and eventually caused a shortage. Not only did they fill up their car tanks but they would fill up portable tanks as well. By noon last Friday, it was an all out war to find gas in Nashville and surrounding areas.

Exxon down the street from where I work got more gas at 12:30. Once management got word of this they started making their team members leave to go get gas. They didn’t want any out of gas excuses come yesterday morning. It was crazy. Gas was the buzz at work and my twitter was going crazy as well. Everyone was keeping everyone else updated on which stations had gas and which ones where out. Lines at the stations where horrible, thankfully I had 3/4 of a tank so I didn’t have to worry about getting gas.

To let you know how fast gas was going, I call the Exxon down the street from work Saturday morning at 8:30 to see if they had gas for a friend in need. They were already out. That is right, the gas station that received gas at 12:30 Friday afternoon was out of gas Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

You know there is a problem when your pastor rants in a post about the gas.¬† I have a half of a tank at the moment, so it looks like I will be making a stop tomorrow to fill up just so I don’t have to wait in¬†a long line this weekend when everyone that filled up last weekend begins to run dry.

So I tried¬† to post the video on here but haven’t figured out how to do that yet.¬† So check this video out and fill Nashvillains pain.¬† I laughed throughout the whole thing.

**Fair Warning…This is a long blog.

What were you doing August 24, 2007.¬† This time last year I was unloading a Uhaul in 100 degree weather.¬† That is right, I was moving to Nashville a year ago today.¬† Had great newlyweds that actually left work¬†for¬†a few hours to help my dad unload the big stuff and setup my washer and dryer. Thanks again Austin’s.

Some people ask why¬†I moved¬†to Nashville.¬†Nashville is somewhere where I always wanted to live.¬†*As a youth I think it was because I wanted season tickets to Opryland.* Well, there is no Opryland anymore but as I got old I still wanted to move to Nashville so last year as I was in between jobs I decided to take¬†a leap of faith and search for something in Nashville.¬† It was a great time in my life to make a move since I wasn’t tied down in a relationship.¬† I moved here only knowing one person, my cousin, and she just got married so it was really like I knew no one.¬†When I first moved here I will say Lindsay did show me around to some of the hang out spots.



Here are some stories that stand out to me over the past year.  Hope you guys enjoy them.



I get asked all the time I how I heard about CrossPoint Community Church?  Well it all started actually a year ago today, my move in day.  Wait.  This is a pretty long story in it self.  I think I just might make it a post in itself.


The Mix

The Mix¬†is a singles’ group at CrossPoint for 20’s and 30’s.¬†¬†Some¬†call it my cult but they are¬†great bunch of people.


When I started CrossPoint I knew I wanted to get involved in a singles group since I had just moved to Nashville and didn’t have any friends here.¬† It is a great way to meet people that share the same interest. So I think after the first time I attended CP I signed up to be on The Mix mailing list.¬† It wasn’t a week or two after going there I get an email that the group was going to go Mini Golfing, so I decided to join them.¬† It was so out of my comfort zone to go meet a group of people that I didn’t know and hang out with them all night (literally, it was ALL night) but I went ahead and went.¬†


I set in my car for awhile just waiting to see a group of people in there 20’s or 30’s but only saw about three girls, one now friends with, go to some chairs outside but never saw anyone else join them so I knew, or thought, ¬†they weren’t in our group.¬† So I get enough courage up to inside to meet everyone think they were all just inside.¬† I walk in and there were these two guys talking, clean cut guy, and then one all tattooed up. YEP, I knew then that they had to be part of the group I was meeting up with.


After the guys asked me tones of questions others started coming in and the girls outside ended up joining us as well.¬† We played 18 holes and then everyone wanted to go get something to eat.¬†So¬†we decided to go to Friday’s and have cupcakes to celebrate some girl’s (which is one of my best friends now) birthday.


Rachel, one of the leaders, states, “I remember how quiet you were (little did we know) and being really worried you didn’t have a good time and wouldn’t come
back.”¬† Only if she and the rest of them only knew then what they know now!¬† I had a great time that night.¬†




This was how I actually got to Nashville.  I started working at Hemophilia Health Services on August 27th. For all that is wondering what type of company it is, we are specialty pharmacy for the Hemophilia community. It has been a great place for me as they have given me many opportunities to use and strengthen my skills.


A month after I started there was a new manager that started and we turned the office upside down.¬† Not really but at least we like to think so.¬† Amy (would have a link for her but she doesn’t like the whole social network on the Internet) loves to tell the story of how we began to hang out together.¬†Since she tells the story better than I do I will let you ask her.


Amy and I cold at the Titan’s Game…they lost if you were wondering.


Hang Out Spot

If you have been around me anytime at all you would know that I enjoy going to Red Door.¬† It is a great place to people watch.¬† This is really the place where things began.¬† Rachel and Nicole invited me to meet up with them one night there.¬† We had so much fun.¬† I don’t know what made that night…Making new friends, the ricohets, or my famous graceful fall.¬†


Our first Night Out.  Ahh we love that place

Even if we are the only ones that do!


$2 Wing Nights

Piranaha’s was a place the small group I was in would always ended up at afterwards and meet up with some other friends.¬† We went the first time because someone told us that the wings were 10 cents.¬† Who could pass up 10 wings (minimal number) for $1?¬† Well when we got there the price had gone up…now wings for 20 cents.¬† Still not a bad deal.¬† It was always fun to set eat wings and watch the activities on 2nd ave.¬† Let me tell you there¬†are quite a lot of things that happen on 2nd.


Actually, one night I was part of the activities on 2nd.¬† Yes, I found a really good parking spot down by the police station.¬† Once all of us split off to go to our cars I found that mine was no longer there.¬† I was so upset. Someone just stolid my car!¬† Called Rachel to come pick me up once she found her car.¬† As I waited I was reading a sign that was on a pole where I was parked. It read, “Police Parking Only, All other cars will be towed”¬† That is right my car was impounded and it is 11 pm. and¬†I just wanted to get home.¬† To make a long story short my boss drove me the next day to get my car.¬† The $2 wing night ended up cost me a lot more and taking the money I was saving for Christmas.¬†


Christmas Parties

Yes, Parties!


First, The Mix was looking for a place to hold the Christmas Party.¬† Usually the Mix has an average of 15 people that show up for activities.¬† My place isn’t a very large place but I though it was big enough to hold 15 or so people.¬† Yeah, it was or so.¬† I found out that¬†I can fit 30 people in my living room at one time.¬†Now I’m not saying that all 30 can fit in there compfortably but 30 people can fit.¬†




We were kind of packed. Good thing there wasn’t a fire.


The other party was at Jessica, Dinger, and Anna’s place.¬† These former roomies throw good parties. This was a party we had to dress up for and let me tell you, I always love a good event where I can put on my party dress.¬†



         The Party Planners                            

                         The Partiers


¬†Okay so this blog is so much long than I ever meant for it to be.¬† I’m going to just end it here and post some pictures of¬†what else went down this past year.


The Mix Camping Trip.  No guys would come

because we were going to sleep in tents.


First Hockey Game


Cosmo Bowling with The Mix


Celebrating Jes and Rachel’s Birthday




Team Dinger… I run for the Party 5K¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Crawfish Boil anyone?



          4th of July on the River Front



 Highballs & Hydrangeas 



          Game Night




The other day after work I was in this….

Traffic jam




Usually I’m do not hit much traffic going to and from work.  My commute is usually 12 minutes max and I am blessed not to have to fight this nasty stuff everyday. 

When I first moved to Nashville I would get a high when in this mess.  Call me crazy, I know.  I’m from a small town and even went to college in a small town, the closest I ever gotten to this type of traffic before moving was when I would be leaving the parking lot of my high school of 1400 students.  The BIG city with the crazy traffic excited me. 

Though now, by the end of the day I don’t want to face traffic. All I want is to just get home and relax. 


How long is your daily commute?  What do you do to past the time?

This is actualle picture of my commute home today. 

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